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PDF-to-eBook-FormatsStarting off with a PDF is an exciting prospect, and with a little help from the right software you can create eBook formats for all different types of purposes. From eReaders to iPads, mobile phones and desktops you can create eBooks to reach vast audiences for varied reasons; be it publishing or marketing or just speedy sharing of content and information.

We find that marketers love to use software like this. They have large target markets and projections from advertisers to reach. So by creating an eBook with the ability to go far fast they have a good starting block for many a promotional endeavor.

Take a look at this example;
Click on the image below to launch the digital guidebook!


The New York City Marathon has produced their handbook in digital form. With the need for over 50,000 to view this producing a digital version was the best option.

The marathon is due to take place in a matter of weeks. Runners will run the 26.2 miles through the streets of NYC on November 2. Historically last year saw the biggest ever turnout at 50,266 finishers breaking previous records by more than 3,000.


You can imagine staging an event like this would take a lot of preparation, from marketing the event to providing the runners with the information they need.

See how they have incorporated the guidebook as a iFrame on their website;
Click on the image below to launch the website, there you can browse through the guidebook.


So the marathon marketing team would have started off with the designer working on the design of the guidebook, putting it together with the text, images, and photographs they have. Then there would be a PDF of the guidebook created which then can be printed or produced digitally. In the digital stage with the digital publishing software, it is possible to add lots more features such as video, web links, image galleries, animation to create a rich media interactive experience.

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By Audrey Henry


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