A PDF Flipbook Offers Many Marketing Possibilities

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PDF-FlipbookLondon Design Festival kicked off last Saturday. I couldn’t help notice The Icon Design Trail website, and the 150 page digital flipbook to accompany it. Very impressive design, delivery and presentation.

Along with your website and from the humble beginnings of a mere PDF the possibilities to market an event to such standards is achievable. You can create a flipbook from a PDF in 3 easy steps.

You too can do this for your business, organization and events. The PDF is the file of choice for a multitude of documents, from brochures to user guides to general batches of information which need to be shared. Taking your PDF one step further and digitizing it makes good marketing sense. It can be enhanced further by the inclusion of interactive elements, leading to better reader engagement with features such as audio and video.


You can reach a wide audience by sharing the flipbook you have created with digital publishing software from your PDF to all 4 corners of the earth if you like! The low cost of this is also an appeal to marketing strategies, as you can save a lot on printing and mailing costs. Which with a printed version, take more time, effort and organizing to do.

Going back again and taking a look at the Design Trial Website we can see how the corporate design and branding was brought right through to the PDF that was used to create the flipbook.


Strive to do this in your marketing, package your materials in a veil of your commercial styling at all times. Then your business and products will be easily recognized.

See the flipbook by clicking on the image below:


I hope today’s blog has enlightened you to explore the marketing potential your business could have with a PDF Flipbook.

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By Audrey Henry


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