Effective PDF Conversion to HTML5 and Flash Publications

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PDF-conversion-to-HTML5-In today’s blog, I will discuss the many uses of the humble PDF and how its conversion to HTML5 and flash formats can be transformative.

The PDF (Adobe’s Portable Document Format) has become a key component in the creation of digital publications.

From the early stages of new projects, the PDF might be used for:
· Compiling initial ideas between work colleagues
· Sending proofs to an author or publisher
· Showing sample pages
· First galley proofs
· Page proofs
· Editing and proofreading copies
· Final reproduction for print
· Reviewer copies
· Archiving
· Retailing


The many uses can continue and be further enhanced in the 3D Issue digital publishing software, here HTML5 and flash animation interactivity can be added. The PDF can take on a multitude digital formats, like for example:
· Interactive publications
· Animated eBooks
· Online catalog or brochure
· Newsletter
· Case Study
· Ebook
· Digital magazine
· University prospectus
· Guidebook
· White paper
· Annual report
· Children’s audio books

Check out page two of Perth Brides’ digital magazine. There you can see animated confetti fall down over the page. This is flash animation and will not appear on iOS devices as the animation needs to be HTML5 for those. But if you have an image underneath like Perth Bride did – then the iOS readers will not assume there is anything missing, they will continue to browse as normal. You can test this by viewing this link on the different devices mentioned.

Adding HTML5 animation is outlined in this video it can be embedded on the page or it can act like a pop up on the screen.

The experience the reader gets with this animation quickly gains their attention and is especially effective in advertising that may be used on various pages of a publication, as a banner, half, quarter or full page ad.

By Audrey Henry


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