The Traditional Page Flip Catalog Meets New Age Technology

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Page-Flip-CatalogHaving a page flip catalog to market your products can be a wise business choice. It is still a preferred shopping guide as the catalog has long traditions with the general public from the days of mail order shopping for products that just couldn’t be purchased locally.

Even though products are more readily available now, these traditions live on. Today the communications industry has stepped up the notches a little by creating digital catalogs, that can reach consumers in their email inboxes, and on websites. Catalogs can embody digital marketing media such as video, audio, hyperlinks, shopping carts, image galleries and so on. These types of interactive features provide engaging points of interest that resonate on a new level with a customer.

With the invention of any new technology, there is market research and analysis implemented first, to give a guideline of the type of product the general public will embrace. People loved the page turn effect a digital catalog could have. Further proving modern culture embraces a marriage of old and new customs. All features in digital publishing software were created to meet a need, a wish list that the marketer and the consumer wanted.


As a digital marketer being aware of communications technologies and how your product can be distributed through these means is essential to growth today. As people browse and shop increasingly on their mobiles and tablets having a catalog that can be viewed on all devices is a marketing must. They may start browsing from their office desktop computer through opening a link in an email, then they want to browse further at home on their iPad, then they meet a friend for coffee the next day and show the catalog again but on a smartphone this time. Then they go ahead and purchase from this device. Is this possible with your catalog? There is no reason it can’t be. You just download the digital publishing software, import your PDF, add interactivity and click build. You will have a catalog ready to share in no time at all.

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By Audrey Henry


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