Interesting Page Flip Brochure Marketing Ideology

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page-flip-brochureThe reasons for marketing your product through an online page flip brochure are proven to deliver down the line to sales and in increase in revenue.

Interestingly page flip is the most popular option for navigating through the digital pages. People are embracing technology, yet still are preferring the traditional feeling they are accustomed to; hence technology mimicking the handheld version of page turning. The more you cater to your customer’s likes the longer your customer will view your brochure, thus familiarizing themselves with your products.

There are 3 options available for viewing a digital brochure with 3D Issue: Page Flip, Slide & Presentation.

See this video below which explains how to select view mode, so you see the differences.

Page flip: Here you can hover over the pages and take the corner just like you do with a hard copy magazine. You can see the shadow and a page appear behind as you manually turn the page. This is a great feature for casual browsing and suits magazines and leisure reading. I guess the thing for marketers is lulling the reader into a comfortable place for viewing. The page flip option for a brochure may give the reader the sense they are relaxed and may subconsciously be converted by clicking on a link to the website to buy the product from. eBrochures also can have a shopping cart feature enabled in them on pages of your choosing. An ideal medium to generate sales.

Click to see an example of a page flip brochure.


Some users prefer the slide page turn feature, with this it quickly flicks through the pages without turning up the corners. The whole double page slides out of view and the next into view.

Click to see an example of a brochure in slide mode.

The 3rd option is presentation: This acts in a similar way to a slide show. Displaying one page at a time. Then sliding to the next page and so on as you navigate through the publication.

Click to see an example of a brochure in presentation mode.

Email for more information on which mode will suit your publication best.

By Audrey Henry


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