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online-magazine-creationIf you print a magazine, creating an e-replica is a practice you will be aware most publishers avail of. By downloading online magazine software, installing it on your computer, importing your PDF, and clicking build you can have an online version of your publication.

Larger publishers like to avail of the Hot Folder feature. Drag and drop a PDF into a specified location on your desktop, 3D Issue then auto creates this PDF into a 3D Issue, saving you time!

How to create your publications using Hot Folder:
Hot folder is installed as part of the 3D Issue process. Once the user has installed and registered the main 3D Issue software Hot folder will also be registered for use and will appear in the systems tray. You can see this in the image below.

Hot Folder allows the user to change the settings used for creating publications by clicking on the Icon shown in the system tray.

Once the user has set the Template, Profile and Upload options required to create the publications simply drag and drop a PDF into the ‘Input Folder’, 3D Issue then prompt you to enter the name of the publication to be created. Enter the required name and click the ok button to begin the process.


By taking full advantage of the digital publishing suite with 3D Issue you can have as little or much online publishing content as you or company needs. You can have a content Hub, flipbooks, eBooks, or in fact all types of digital publications from newspapers to brochures. See some samples here, which range from online magazines to sporting event programs. Also you also can have your own personalized app in which all your content can be accessed by your readers. Any content you have added to your content hub will auto update in the app as the online sources update. Ideal for sources that update a lot like, news, weather and sports channels.

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By Audrey Henry


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