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eCatalog Software All businesses are looking for a successful method to showcase their products and services online, some businesses struggle with knowing the best place to start. What all businesses realize is that to stay relevant in a world which increasingly relies on the online domain for information and communication, the products and services they offer simply have to be available in a society where the smartphone and tablet is, more often than not, the first place the consumer will check in their journey for information. The presentation of your content through eCatalog software, has in in this regard, become more important than ever.

We have blogged previously about how to create a catalog for online viewing, what I would like to do today is to outline some of the many advantages that the Online Catalog software can offer your business and why, if you haven’t already, you should be seriously considering promoting your products and services through these the natural progression of their printed counterparts.

What can the Online Catalog offer your business?

E-catalogs are inexpensive and infinitely more eco-friendly versions of their printed elders, paper and inks are all considerations that have to be dealt with, how many do you print? Will there be waste from your print run? What about delivering the catalog to the consumer? Postage and distribution costs will all have to be factored in; all of these elements have implications in the ever rising cost of producing paper catalogs, elements that the e-Catalog does not have to endure.


Printed catalogs are permanent, once they are printed, that’s it, they can’t be changed or altered, an e-Catalog can be changed and altered at any time, pages and products can be added to the original publication at any given time, Online Catalogs are flexible and can be regionalized through different languages and images giving them a broader reach. They are ultimately shareable in the online domain; your e-Catalog is an email away from the consumer’s inbox ensuring instantaneous delivery. In a world that has embraced social media with numbers reaching mind boggling levels the e-Catalog can be shared and viewed in this chasmic arena expanding your reach infinitely more.

ECatalogs and online visiblity

Your Online Catalog is content in itself, when added to you website using a search engine friendly format it will increase your site ranking as search engine spiders will detect increased relevant content and give your site more importance in related searches online. More importance in related searches means more eyeballs on your content, more eyeballs on your content means more sales and so the cycle continues.

Online Catalog software can avail of interactive features within their digital pages, enjoy the benefits of promoting your products through audio and video, offer detailed access to what parts of your e-Catalog is resonating with the consumer through the integration of Google analytics, perhaps more importantly you will see what isn’t resonating with the consumer allowing you to continually refine and improve your e-Catalogs performance.

I think from what we have briefly covered today you can plainly see the benefits of the e-Catalog for promoting and presenting your content in a society where online is the first and sometimes only port of call for the consumer To finish off todays blog I will quickly recap just some, as there are many more, advantages the e-Catalog offers you the business and the consumer, Online Catalogs are,

• Inexpensive – distribution and creation costs are greatly reduced
• Eco friendly
• Flexible – changes can be made at any time, products and service updated freely
• Easily shareable – email, social media, the options are endless
• Have no limits in terms of pages and content
• Make your products available to a much wider audience
• Enjoy the benefits of the inclusion of audio and video to showcase your products
• Supply a stronger online presence
• Give you a deeper insight into what is resonating with the consumer
• Offer an additional sales channel
• Solidify your branding

There are many more advantages that the e-Catalog offers your business but for the purpose of today’s blog we will have to leave it here, I hope you have found some useful information in today’s article and if you wish to add anything to the conversation please comment below.



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