Combine Online and Offline marketing for Better Results

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online and offline marketingAn important number of businesses make the mistake of focusing on just one particular marketing channel or using one single strategy to reach their audience.

When it comes to marketing, putting all of your eggs in one basket is not a long term solution. The market is dynamic and in continuous change. The best way to ensure your future success is to combine different strategies.

Look at what happened to many companies last year when Pinterest decided to ban affiliate links. As a result of this change a significant amount of businesses that relied only on this platform for their sales saw their figures plummet.

Always Have Your Audience In Mind

You exist because there is an audience you want to reach to, and no matter your niche or your product your main goal is to convert that audience into customers.

The main problem businesses have though, is that they often forget about their audience and their needs to just focus on sell, sell and sell.

Appearing first in Google search is important to get an initial contact, to get people to reach your site and to know you but after that all will come down to the user’s experience on your site and the value you provide.

With so many options to choose from, people are more demanding and unforgiving than ever, one small mistake and they will rapidly go to the competition.

Do your research first, take note of what your target audience needs, how they interact, and what they like and prepare your strategy accordingly. Your main objective should be to satisfy their needs, to provide an extra value that they can’t get anywhere else, that’s what will make you different and what will help you grow.

Let’s be realistic, nowadays loyalty is not easy to achieve, but it’s not impossible either, it just takes more effort and work than it did 20 or 50 years ago. The key: Customers first.

Learn From Mobile Apps

One of the best examples of user experience are mobile apps. It’s almost impossible to find a popular app that crashes all the time, it’s not intuitive and doesn’t provide an extra value to their users.

Even the monetization methods of these apps have shifted towards user engagement.

Mobile usage is drastically increasing. Trying to figure out how to establish your mobile presence now will not only affect your current marketing strategy but your future one as well.
Mobile is a must for anyone that wants to stablish a strong brand. Even the publishing industry has embrace the fact that the future is digital.

Offline & Online Marketing Aren’t So Different

At the end of the day, what’s the main goal of every marketing strategy? Exactly, brand recognition and customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using offline or online strategies, your end goal is to attract new buyers and build a relationship with your followers and advocates so your brand grows.

Your customers can be readers, visitors, downloaders etc. the term you use will depend on what you consider is important to your company.

How To Combine Offline & Online Marketing

Although as we have said before online marketing is becoming the strongest and most effective channel for marketing strategies, offline marketing is still very present and should never be forgotten.

Let’s see why with an example.

Imagine that you are launching a new product and you offer a discount to all of your online subscribers. Sure, that’s great and you will probably have quite a few people visiting your site and checking that new product, but what if you prepared an event on the street in an important city to actually show the product? That would definitely draw their attention.

Add some sort of social media elements to that event (a hashtag to follow the event on twitter etc.) and your offline and online marketing efforts will be working together.

The most important part when trying to combine offline and online marketing efforts is to be creative and consistent. A hub could help you do this by combining your social network efforts in a mobile friendly platform.

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