O’ Reilly Media Launch Publications on iBookStore

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digital publications on iBookstoreiBookstore is gaining ground with O Reilly Media announcing that they will be adding all of their titles to the iBookStore. They see the iBookStore as the optimum platform as it allows them to distribute their digital editions to every platform globally with the ePub format.

They have initially only released 750 digital publications from their arsenal including 150 Microsoft Press which they distribute for that client. This will open the way for other O’Reilly clients to have their tech publications distributed through this platform also.

One of the major drawbacks of the iBookStore is that it does not allow for updated content and in the information age this is a major drawback. Think of the problems that newspapers are having.

With legions of readers migrating to online news portals for more up to date news. I am sure that this is something in the pipeline at Apple. The App store dynamically tracks the number of updates to the apps that you have so why cant they cross that functionality over to the iBookStore. In the interim, O’Reilly Media have included information for their readers on how to upgrade their publication to the latest release.


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