Nielsen Media report for Q3 of 2011

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Nielsen Media reportNielsen has released their Social Media report for Q3 of 2011, and there are some very interesting facts, insights and highlights. This report delves into the factors of why and how people are influenced by social media. We have all learnt that this channel of engagement is a must for reaching out to customers, but what areas are most important to focus on and why?

The study shows that of all the content online it was found that social networks and blogs accounted for 23% of time spent online amongst Americans. Second place was online games at 9.8% and closely followed by email at 7.6%. This shows the dominance and demand of new and up to date content. Internet users are all about finding the latest information as soon as it’s available so as content creators we must think of new and engaging ways to provide our audience with this information.

Brands’ presence on social media sites was also highlighted in the report, it showed that 70% of active online adult social networkers shopped online and 53% followed a brand. Facebook and Twitter accounts for businesses are certainly a great way of communicating and encouraging engagement from customers and prospects. The success of those brands being innovative and giving followers something unique that can only be gained from following the brand has been well documented – Take a look here at a post outlining some of the best business facebook pages for some inspiration.

The full social media report can be viewed on the Nielsen site here, you can also download a PDF of the report.

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