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News-PublishingLeverage your audience with software technology that can make your content responsive and suitable for viewing on any device. You can solve fundamental issues content providers face with news publishing technology today from your own PC, Mac or tablet.

Who uses news publishing software?

The simple answer is that anyone can;
from individuals to organizations.

Here is a look at 3 examples:

1. Business owners and marketers are now creating content on industry news as well as news about their products and services to cater to their market’s needs. By sharing useful, unique content your audience will look to you as an expert in the field and follow your blogs and posts if your content is useful to them. Transform your business with content solutions such as a content aggregator.

2. News publishers and editors are availing of software to collate their content in a hub, then the hub or multiple hubs can be fed to the app and downloaded by audiences for ease of access to ever updating content. Being that available and convenient to a mobile audience is crucial for news publishers of late, and being the first to be obtainable in the best mediums is imperative for keeping ahead of news rivals. Competition in the news industry is fierce and speed of delivery is needed in its finest form, get the best software that won’t let you or your audience down. The app can be branded to the news provider’s criteria easily.

3. Teachers and lecturers. School projects such as the school newspaper is where many aspiring young journalists get their first experiences of publishing. They are being introduced at an early age to digital media, and quite ok with software and how easy it is to use. The teacher would set up an email submission to the content hub where all the students’ email addresses will be permitted to submit to the hub.

This is such a convenient way to create content from many writing sources. Articles with text and images can be added easily to the hub. See an example of a hub by Pearson Education here.

I hope today’s blog has enlightened you as to how to solve fundamental issues content providers face with news publishing technology.

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By Audrey Henry


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