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News-AppNews apps are the future of news communication. Media companies such as news stations, national newspapers and the like have a constant stream of news to share. Ensuring they use the absolute best modes of dispersal for this content is of prime importance.

Now with online sources and the general public’s readiness to embrace the digital age through the huge uptake in electronic devices to stay communicated. News apps are the means in which we stay in tune with minute to minute developments. Having a channel that can achieve a high level of satisfaction to both the news provider and audience is paramount.

Say for example a news provider would have different segments, like; breaking news, global news, sports, entertainment, arts, tech, business and so on. The news provider has a website with all these sections, all these online sources can be added to a Hub. A Hub is a means to centralize all your web content, from your RSS feeds, blogs, videos, to your social presence on Twitter, Facebook etc. See an example of a Hub here.

Once you have created a Hub (which by the way, only takes a few minutes!), you can then share the link to the Hub on your website, via email or socially. The best way is to then create an app which the feeds in your Hub can populate. The Hub auto updates as your original sources update so your news app will always contain the latest news with no need for you to manually add anything. The news app can be branded to meet the media company’s specifications.

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By Audrey Henry


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