News Publishers Good Influence on Content Marketers?

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new publishingTraditional methods of marketing have become ostracized by the consumer; the tried and trusted methods of yesterday are no longer viable in today’s digitally enhanced world. Consumers will skip TV advertising, ignore magazine advertising and are so adept at traversing the online arena that they can skillfully navigate between content without a second glance at banners or buttons.

The rules have changed, traditional marketing is nowhere near as effective as it once was, marketers and businesses alike realize that there has to be a fresh approach, a new way to get their message across and this is where content marketing has come to the fore. Content marketing is a subtle way of changing and influencing consumer behavior through the consistent creation of relevant, valuable content. This content must be of such a high quality that the consumer will actively seek it in order to satisfy their questions and needs.

Content marketing is the art of communicating without actually selling, a less intrusive relation of its traditional cousin, content marketing supplies the consumer with information that enlightens their knowledge of your particular industry. Content marketing aim is to educate and inform with the intention of bringing the consumer onboard through the trust and loyalty built up by the information you supply.

Some of the biggest names in news publishing are adopting a wide scale approach to these methods; publishers of the calibre of The Guardian, The New York Times and The Washington Post are just the latest names to move into this ever expanding sector. These giants of the publishing domain; firstly will encourage brands worldwide through their presence alone but will this be the only influence they yield? One would have to imagine these publishing powerhouses will bring a lot more to the table than just their presence alone; these are, after all experts at creating and maintaining engaging content that is held in the highest regard.

Content marketers will be influenced by these the masters of their craft, make no mistake, this is a real shot in the arm for the content marketing community at exactly the right time. These are institutions who have built empires based around consumer loyalty created by the regular supply of relevant, quality content. It is hoped that brands will be encouraged to produce content that mirrors the ‘consumer first’ approach that has served the media outlets so well for so long.


Until now there was a very real danger of content marketing slipping into old habits of serving the companies needs first rather than the consumer. There was the concern that instead of producing content that the consumer would find truly useful, brands were simply dressing up self-serving advertising that tried to fool the consumer into the belief that this was credible editorial rather than the blatant self-promotion that it undoubtedly was.

It is hoped the introduction of these new publishers will encourage brands to follow suit and mimic the standards set by these media houses. These are, after all, institutions that have continually created and curated content over a long period of time and in the process built up products which were not only viable but much loved by many. It is hoped these high editorial standards by these established media giants will influence the content marketing community with positive results across the board. Digital marketing budgets are expected to increase 71% in the year ahead, the future of digital media is undoubtedly bright but shouldn’t be taken for granted.

There is a balancing act that all content marketers have to perform; the purpose of the content marketing is to spike consumer interest in their brand but in the same breath they have to provide content that their audience actually wants and is actively seeking. Brands have to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer and ask themselves that very question, if they were the consumer what would they want, what content would they themselves seek? Only by doing so, can brands keep the most important facet of their marketing strategies, the consumer and their audience as a whole, interested enough and reliant enough upon the quality of the content that they provide to continue to interact and engage with the brand itself.

We have heard many times that brands have to become publishers online, the introduction of the new publishers to this arena and their concerted efforts in content marketing could be the best demonstration brands ever get. Content marketing is enjoying the green shoots of recovery in the wake of traditional marketing’s slowdown, 3D Issue Hubs is the perfect platform from which to launch your campaign. It has many features essential for today’s online world, why not try it out and see for yourself?



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