Google ‘One Pass’ Service to Undercut Apples’ Demands from Publishers

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Demands from PublishersGoogle Inc. is going to head to head with Apple to captivate the publisher audience with an exciting new digital content service which will see publishers benefit from a more generously proportioned score of subscription sales.

To date Apple has had a very controlled hold on publishers by demanding a 30% profit of sales as well as keeping customer subscription information under lock and key away from publishers. Now Google are offering a very alluring slice of the revenue pie to publishers.

They are proposing a much smaller 10% cut as well as offering publishers access to some of their users details. This is something that publishers have been relentlessly trying to negotiate with Apple over for many years and Apple simply wouldn’t budge. Google were well aware of this niche and have now honed in on it to try and offer publishers a better deal.

“Of course publishers would like the option where they’re paying 10 percent instead of 30 percent,” said Nina Link, chief executive officer of the Magazine Publishers of America. “It’s a significant difference. And we love the fact that there’s some choice, and we think there will be even more.”

The newspaper and magazine sale industry has taken a big hit over the last couple of years with sales hitting an all time low. So publishers are constantly trying to make their content available in as many ways as possible like on mobile devices. This new service called ‘One Pass’ from Google is certainly very attractive especially with the added incentive of access to user data.   Now publishers have a choice instead of having to concede to Apple’s rigid terms and conditions.

Google are doing their bit to support publishers in these dried up times. With the One Pass service they are allowing publishers more control over how much and how they charge for their digital content. It’s an undemanding way for publishers to manage access to their digital content.

“With Google One Pass, publishers can maintain direct relationships with their customers and give readers access to digital content across websites and mobile apps.”

Many large publishing companies have already jumped on board with this service including, Focus Online, NouvelObs and Rust Communications Inc.  The service is available for publishers in Spain, Italy, the UK, the US, Germany,Canada and France.

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