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book appsTodays blog will focus on how to create a book app for iOS or Android devices using 3D Issue. There are several different methods of doing this using 3D Issue, you may choose one or all dependent on your distribution strategy.

To create a HTML5 book app:
Import your PDF to the 3D Issue software. After updating your details in the Content tab, and editing in the Design tab, from the top menu, select “Options”, then choose iPad/iPhone App Icon. Upload your own design which will be used as the app icon, so that anyone on an iPad or iPhone can download your publication. Now, when someone views your book on an iPad or an iPhone, they can download it via its associated app icon and launch the book from their home screen for online or offline viewing.
Navigate to the output tab. Here, choose the first option which is: Online flash / HTML5, select “Upload” and click “Build”.

To see your app in action, view your publication on your iPad at the location shown. Click on the icon at the top left – just to the left of the url bar, this menu that then pops up shows a number of options, we want the Add to Home Screen option select it – your app icon then appears – and this will be the icon that will be displayed to your reader. You can select the text and change as you like. When you are ready select Add on the icon and this brings you to the iPad home screen. The app icon will be positioned there along with any other apps you have, and it is converted into a HTML5 Web App.

To create a Native Book App (iTunes/Google Play):

Native apps are available for download from the iTunes store, Google Play and other App stores. All e-books uploaded to a server via 3D Issue will have the option of App preparation. In the output tab publishers will note this option. When the iPhone / iPad App and Android options are checked all readers on these devices will receive a prompt to download the 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App. After a refresh publications will appear in the App ready for download. Future publications will appear automatically in the App reader for download, these are indicated by a green arrow. We also offer a branded app service for native app creation, see here for more information on branded native book apps.

*When publishing ebooks for iPad, avoid: Don’t convert hard copy content for consumption to a digital device and expect it to look great and be easily navigable or readable. Always design with digital publishing at the forefront of the creative process.

By Joanna Brien.


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