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Digital publicationIn this interesting interview author David Carnoy, explains how he made the move from ‘self-pubber’ to a fully fledged published author with a traditional publisher. David is the author of the book Knife Music which he describes as a medical-legal novel.

In this interview David explains some valuable points for anyone thinking of going down this route for their manuscript.

In this short interview (with short commercial too!) David clearly explains how he started out and ended up with a two book deal with a traditional publisher from dealing with agents to finding an editor to read his material.

Interestingly his book was rejected by Apple which caused the stir that made people sit up and take notice, reaching 1000 downloads a week before growing from a free download to a paid publication.

David mentions in this interview just how important it is to create your files yourself so you can upload direct to Amazon and not necessarily go through a third party so you can choose your price and keep as much revenue as possible.

This edition of the show was hosted by Jason Boog and TVNewser co-editor Alex Weprin.

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