The Impact on Mobile Web Marketing of Publishing Technology

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web marketingThere is a fairly high chance that you are reading this blog post on either a smartphone or a tablet, granted you may be reading this on a desktop PC but the fact of the matter is that a high percentage of people now use their smartphones and tablets in place of the desktop PC. These devices have had a major say in changes to our content digestion habits in a relatively short space of time.

Connected devices are often the first place we turn to when we require information on a subject or have a general enquiry about a service or a product; these devices are usually never far from our reach so it is perfectly understandable the impact they have had and will undoubtedly continue to have on our content digestion habits and our lives in general. Think about it, you have a question you need answered, do you take a trip to the library? (not that there is anything wrong with going to the library, it should in fact be encouraged I’m just making a point for the purpose of the blog). Say you need to find out about a service and fast, your sink is blocked and you need a plumber, do you go dig out the phonebook or do you reach for that device which can be found beside most people in today’s uber connected world?

I think we know the answer that the majority of people would give in these situations, so too do the canny marketers vying for our attention. Marketers fully realize the impact connected devices have had on the everyday consumer’s life, they know that the smartphone and tablet is akin to a gateway into the consumer’s lives. For example, location-based content marketing is a widely used and successful technology which is already present on marketer’s radars. Mobile web marketers can utilize the ability to target consumers with multi-media content based on their location using GPS technology within their smartphones.

Consumers themselves have influenced the direction that publishers have moved towards; it is the consumers desire to digest information while ‘on the move’ which has led to publishers aiming their efforts at online content and mobile centricity. You only have to look around and see how many printed publications have made a partial; and sometimes complete transition to the online publishing domain in order to witness firsthand the effects of connected devices within our present day lives.

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Increasingly, online is the place where the consumer wishes to receive and locate content, they want to be able to access the content they wish to view at any time, any place, all whenever they wish to do so. Newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, content curation sites they all have one thing in common, in order to flourish they have to cater for the mobile device. This strategy is essential, there is no other way around it, it is where the consumer will be found and subsequently where eyeballs can be attracted and where publishers and marketers need to be to fuel further growth.

Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage this year. It is crystal clear which direction the market is taking, publishers, marketers, businesses and companies simply have to be online and available through mobile channels. Marketing stats have shown the impact that publishing technology has had on mobile web marketing and vice versa, this isn’t a passing fad or a trend which will fade into obscurity; this is a movement which ensconces traditional channels, a movement that publisher’s and marketers alike have to be an integral part of to aid present and future prosperity.

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