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Mobile Publishing

The average person is now a multi-tasking sensation, we have known and accepted that the second screen exists freely in homes throughout the world for some time now, most people, whilst watching TV, will be surfing the web or reading through their favorite apps simultaneously, this is nothing new. The multi-tasking doesn’t end there though, on the move, in transit, during waiting times or even while carrying out other tasks, we are multi-tasking. Make no mistake this marks cultural shift in the consumer’s behavior and one which marketers have to react to through the methods they use to provide and promote their content, namely mobile publishing and its essential role in the success of the content you plan to deliver to consumer’s busy eyes.

Multi-tasking does not exist solely because we are at a loose end, more often than not we use our smartphones with a specific purpose in mind, this further necessitates that content delivery is tailored towards a world where a mobile first approach is now not an option but prerequisite. For those who haven’t already, it really is time to get with the mobile publishing program.

The stats and figures

The statistics are there for all to see, this is a market which hasn’t just shown signs of growth but in many aspects of business is now one of the main components, it really is that important. Publisher’s content simply has to be available and ready to consume through smartphones and tablets as these devices are the present and the future and their impact on the publishing world as a whole is verging on the seismic.


When you take into consideration factors such as the following;

–          80% of smartphone users and 81% of tablet users use their devices in front of the television

–          44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their bed so they didn’t miss a notification

–          28.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones and 10.16% on tablets

–          Mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the 1990’s and early 2000’s

Then you really start to get an impression just how influential mobile publishing has become in today’s society as a whole, there are very few people today who will go a day without their smartphone by their side at all times never mind an entire day. This is especially true for the 18 -34 demographic. Online and through their connected devices is the place where the consumer wishes to receive and locate content, they want to be able to access the content they wish to view at any time, any place, all whenever they wish to do so.

Today’s consumer will not tolerate your content not being of the responsive variety, they will simply surf on to someone else’s publications whose content is both responsive and engaging. This will more than likely be a competitor and will result in the likelihood of the consumer visiting your content or site again as null and void, is this a chance you are willing to take? It is a world of connected devices in which we live and this fact is likely to be exasperated even further with the recent introduction of Smartwear which looks destined to gain a firm foothold this year, with further connected devices on the horizon and the ever burgeoning mobile video sector this is a market which cannot be ignored, to do so would be akin to shutting up shop for good.



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