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mobile publishing platformThe explosion of news aggregators over the last couple of years has been astounding.  These aggregators resonate with readers because of the way that it allows the audience to take control of the content that they are been served.  By allowing readers to enter the locations of all of their news sources into one environment, they can create a one stop shop for all of their media needs.  They no longer have to visit different sites for their local, national, international, social or industry specific news.  They can add the sources for all of these portals into one app and use that as the single point for consuming all of their news needs.

So now these new aggregators are retaining the attention of their audiences for longer and this is attracting the attention of the big advertisers.

As your audience have the tools to filter the relevance of the media that is been pushed to them, they are simultaneously evolving their perceptions of what a publication is. Digital Magazines are evolving from ‘one to many’ publications towards ‘one to one’ publications.  This presents both problems and opportunities.  Through custom publishing  (“one2one” )it will become more difficult for you to promote your entire content to your target audience.

If however you can become the provider of the eco-system that allows your audience to filter their media then you can control the amount of content that is pushed to them.   Let’s say for example you are the owner of an interior design magazine.  You have tons of content on interior design however this only services one aspect of your audiences needs.  For example your interior design audience are also interested in gardening, cooking etc.  If you could service those needs from within your application or publication then you would retain your audiences’ attention for longer periods of time.  As a smaller publisher however you don’t have the resources required to create this content.

This is where news aggregation can be an excellent addition to your content marketing strategy.  Currently, we are adding two new features to 3D Issue Hubs to help clients add this type of functionality to their publications.  The idea is that you add your own full articles into your digital edition and then aggregation tools that offer a variety of different options to service a clients other needs.  You could

•  Allow your reader to filter your back catalogue of articles to suit their interests

•  Add snippets of third party trending news that is specific to your niche audiences interests and provide links to view the full article through an in-app browser window

•  Add links to third party RSS feeds that are relevant to your target readers

If you are interested in testing out these features then drop me a quick email at Paul [at]

By Paul Mc Nulty


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