How to Market Mobile Phone Apps Successfully

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mobile-phone-appsGet familiar with how your audience consumes content and the devices they spend time on as this valuable media time could be spent using your mobile phone app too.

According to most recent statistics by Nielsen a staggering 89% of consumer media time is spent in mobile apps, with only 11% spent in mobile web.

The importance of mobile phone apps have now exceeded all expectations. Having a business app is necessary for businesses to compete in online marketplaces. It allows customers to have all your information and content available at their fingertips.

Plan your strategy in advance:

Before you actually start developing your app carry out some market research. Ask your existing customers what content and services they would expect an app from you to have. A lot of the work you have already put into your branding and navigation of your website can be carried over, but ensure you think of the user experience at all times and not what you would like to do in the app. Remember new customers, as well as existing will download the app, it had to be intuitive. It has to cover a range of needs. List and be aware of these needs to start with, then create solutions through your app development.

Optimize your app for ease of discovery:

Lay strong foundations by naming and submitting your app to the app stores with the relevant keywords and descriptions in place, this is a crucial element that must not be overlooked. Read a blog I wrote recently discussing 7 top tips on how to get your app noticed it offers some essential information to follow.

Also check out this information in this blog it outlines the fundamentals of how to name your app. Enjoy this enlightening read: Key Decisions on How to Name an App!

These strong foundations will enable your app to grow strong amid all the competition.

Create lasting marketing initiatives:

There are 3 stages of app marketing, there is the pre-launch, launch and post-launch promotions. As with all forms of marketing keep it constant. Strive to work out a marketing strategy that keeps your app in people’s minds and they will continue to use it and you will find new users. Perhaps one of the most effective methods of achieving this is by acting on the statistics you get; once your app starts to get downloads, track where the downloads are coming from and the user’s actions within the app. As Dennis Mink, vice president of marketing with Liftoff says “Data is extremely valuable in helping app marketers more accurately plan their budgets and maximize ROI from their mobile advertising campaigns,”

By Audrey Henry


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