A Report on The Importance of Mobile-First Publishing

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Mobile-First-PublishingWith the opportunity to gain vast audiences on mobile and tablet devices, it is no wonder publishers are turning to mobile-first publishing strategies.

The Association of Online Publishers is an industry organization representing the UK digital publishing sector. In today’s blog we will discuss the findings of its annual Content and Trends Census. They are recently, conducted surveys, analysis and reports and the results are rather interesting. The research entailed the views of 32 member companies covering over 1500 brands.

Optimized for Mobile:
The top development, we need to pay attention to is the fact that:
The majority (74%) of publishers’ outputs are now mobile optimized and 90% of publishers are now applying responsive design in their brand development to achieve unified integration across multiple screens.

Accessing the web from mobile devices:
The census found that even at the brand development stage increased relevance is put on mobile solutions, in response to media consumption across multiple devices and platforms. 69% of the people surveys intend to focus on the mobile web over the next 12 months. The alarming fact is that 60% of publishers also identified a lack of mobile-based skills within their teams.


Publishers consider video to offer the most substantial revenue generation opportunity on both mobile and tablets according to 56% of those surveyed.
Video now contributes to more than 10% of total ad revenue for 11% of publishers compared with just 6% in 2013.

For paid content:
26% of publishers believe website offerings remain the best platform, closely followed by digital editions and tablet applications (23%).

Other findings:
Besides mobile and tablet, the other major finding were that publishers participate in behavioral targeting; community engagement (69%), Social networking (66%) and native advertising (62%).

Publishers don’t see the recession and the global economy as a threat. Only 17% of respondents listed it as a major issue this year, compared to 58% in 2013.

By Audrey Henry


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