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mobile-app-development-toolsHow to decide if you need an app?

In our modern world, everyone has smartphones which in turn have apps. Nowadays apps seem to be the best tool to promote your business and products. As a result of this, businesses are taking advantage of apps. A new study suggests that 15% of small businesses have mobile apps and 18% of the rest will create one in 2015 or later.

When deciding if you should get an app there are a few key factors you should look at. These include:

If your website has a high frequency of transactions for example, if you have an eCommerce site, there are obviously going to be numerous amounts of transactions on your website. Therefore, eCommerce sites generally tend to have apps as they derive great benefit from them.

Target Market
If your target market is of a younger generation, they would generally be more technologically advanced than those of an older generation. Hence an app would be more appropriate in this instance. Whereas if your target market is of an older generation who wouldn’t be that in tune with technology, then you are more than likely safe without a mobile app.

Another factor to be considered is how going mobile will change the way your customers engage with you. If you can create an app that solves a problem or offers a valuable feature, this increases the chances your audience will download your app and use it. For example, many banks have found that allowing basic banking functions via an app attracts customers that already use mobile. When you have a tech-savvy customer base, investing in the mobile channel is a smart decision.


Now after evaluating whether you need an app, you need to look at your options for acquiring said app.

When creating an app you have three options;

1. if you have developers you can task them with this job,

2. you can hire a team to build your app (which can be quite costly) or

3. you could use a mobile app development tool such as 3D Issue Apps which requires no preliminary coding knowledge.

Mobile app development tools are quickly becoming quite popular when creating an app as they are simplistic to use and are very cost effective. If you have questions about 3D Issue Apps or want more information you can email us at and one member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

By James Sweeney


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