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mobile aggregrationMobile aggregation is the hottest topic in town these days just ask Pulse who sold to Linked in for $90 in stock options or Summly who sold to Yahoo for $30.  Zite were acquired by CNN for 30 million while Flipboard are rumoured to be monitored by giants such as Google & twitter for 400-500 million.,

Why is mobile aggregation so hot?  Well, a third of all of your web traffic are mobile.  Is your content responsive to that platform. And I don’t mean the websites width adjusts to the width of the mobile device’s resolution.  I mean is your content viewable without having to force the user to pinch or pan?

Mobile traffic will exceed web traffic within 2  to 3 years.   Another issue you face is how to make solutions that can play on all devices.  There is a device explosion happening at the minute.  There are new platforms,  Smartphones and tablets coming on the market every month.  How can you keep up?

Most publishers can’t, they don’t have the resources in-house so they are outsourcing their mobile strategies by hiring third parties to prep their mobile sites or have a development company build and manage native apps for every platform. 

For most small to medium sized companies this is too high a cost.  That’s why we developed 3D Issue Hubs.  Hubs is a simple to use platform that runs across all platforms.  3D Issue Hubs will collect your digital content and publish it into a responsive digital magazine that can automatically shape around the resolution of the device that the user chooses to consume the content on.

Simply enter in the location of your content and click build and Hubs will solve your mobile strategy in seconds.

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By Paul Mc Nulty.


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