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Microsoft Microsoft is to let it’s eBook reader software go the way of the Dodo, Microsoft Reader was the companies solution for those who wanted to read books on their PDAs and their desktop, but by August of next year 2012 it will have been discontinued and Windows users will no longer be able to install the software which has a library of 60,000 titles in a Microsoft Reader store which most people will never have heard of.

This story reported here by PC Mag shows how the big M are not afraid to move away when they are well aware that the “space belongs to others” and it is clear that this space is not for Microsoft, Amazon have over 950,000 titles in their chest so can easily wipe the floor with this proposition, also to back this up they have the killer device in the Kindle.

Interestingly PC Mag mention in their article how back as recently as 2010 one of their editor’s commented that MS Reader might have a chance for takeoff if there were some decent tablets delivered soon, ironic that it was actually the eBook readers themselves, and a fair share of tablets that gave this old software the ‘heave ho’

In reality maybe Microsoft were ahead of their time with this software, the real plus point for the eBook today is the existence of eInk and the tablets and eBook readers.

….If only they hadda put this on the Apple Newton.

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