Which Marketing Tools Can be the Differentiator for your Business?

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marketing toolsThe internet and the global reach it employs have changed the way we go about our lives forever. It is the single largest resource we have at our disposal. It has opened up new realms of possibilities with nearly everything we do and the world of marketing and the tools we traditionally used for this genre are no different.

Traditionally we would depend on the four P’s of marketing: product, pricing, promotion and placement, and, while these principles stay the same, the way that we implement these strategies has changed in unison with the evolution of our online presence. There are now many avenues that demand to be considered, social media, email newsletters, search engine optimization, marketing technique automation, blogging, web analytics, the possibilities are far reaching and nigh unlimited.

Facebook has over a billion profiles, a gargantuan market to simply ignore, LinkedIn has over 225 million users, I think you get where I’m going with this, the internet is a huge marketplace and if you are not already on there then it should be the first thing you do (after reading this blog of course!).


Traditional v digital

Traditional methods of television and print media as marketing tools were very much one way traffic, that is the message was sent out but never really replied to, that has all changed with social media and the ability of consumers to share and shape your message. Whereas traditionally the message you were trying to convey about your product was ‘pushed’ out to your audience, the online version is very much more interactive experience, consumers are free to share, discuss and comment on your product and services in both a positive and a negative manner.

It is for this reason you have to maintain an ‘active’ online presence; you have to engage with your consumers like never before, a considerable effort will be required to maintain your online presence but it is an effort that will be reflected in consumer confidence in your brand and ultimately increase your sales and brand exposure.

Have a plan in place

As with all marketing tools, you should have a clearly defined plan in place prior to launching your strategy, who are your audience? Do you understand their online search behaviour? Where will you concentrate your efforts? What mediums will you use? Is there any software that can aid and increase your productivity? These are all factors you will have to take into consideration as part of your marketing tools strategy.

By using platforms such as 3D Issue Hubs as one of your marketing tools, you are furnishing yourself with a marketing tool that will help you build your brand and establish and maintain your online presence. Hubs has many features that make it the ideal marketing tool.

These are just some of the features available through Hubs which can make a real difference to your marketing strategy and its distribution for the web, for more click on the hyperlink above.

– Create one strategy for all devices – create responsive publications for tablets and smartphones. Allow for consistent presentation of content across all devices

– Social media sharing – promote your content throughout your social network with our easy to use social sharing tool. Allow your readers to help increase traffic to your content by enabling them to easily customise your content around their interests and promote your content through their social network.

– Video and audio integration – Integrate video & multimedia into your responsive content. Youtube has a million video downloads per day, this is a market that simply cannot be ignored.

– API abilities – Hubs’s RESTFUL API exposes all of the functionality of Hubs to all users. With this you can build your content in any language, on any platform and integrate Hubs into all of your applications.

– Automatic updating – If you are using feeds, blogs or dynamic sources, you can set your publication to update by itself. 3D Issue Hubs will check your sources at a predefined date and time and then add any new content to your publication then email you to let you know that your new responsive publication is ready.

– Built in statistics engine – Watch everything from how long they spend reading your content, to what are the areas that interest each individual reader, or what types of articles have the highest efficiency and much more

– Custom URL’s – with Hubs you can create your own unique URL’s to suit your brand and make your content archive resonate with your audience and enhance your search engine visibility.

– Responsive layouts – Hubs dynamically checks the resolution of your readers’ device and automatically format your content to suit that resolution. No pinching or zooming, just beautifully formatted pages.

– The ability to publish to any platform (an essential tool in today’s smartphone laden world) – your content will automatically adapt to fit the resolutions of any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device. Your content will also be able to be outputted to ePub3 and kindle formats

Utilizing these features as part of your marketing tools for the web combined with top quality, relevant content will ensure that your strategy is as far reaching and as successful as possible. Give your brand the chance it deserves to succeed by utilizing marketing tools such as 3D Issue Hubs to their full potential.

By Charlie Gallagher


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