Marketing of Education | The Advantages of Digital Publishing

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In an environment where schools now realise the importance of promoting their brand in order to differentiate from their competition, the marketing of education has become much more competitive than ever before. It is the fuel that an educational institute needs to  continue to attract new pupils, parents, effective teachers, suitable resources, financial support, sponsorship, media space and community approval.

Most higher education institutes and many from other sectors have invested heavily in marketing resources. Communication is a key element of success and leads to better understanding. Understanding leads to broader public and private support. Broader public support leads to progress in education.  A good marketing plan aims to communicate the work of students and staff, and the mission of the schools, so that people know and understand what they are paying for with their money and how it benefits them.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth. In the marketing of education most institutions have already established a web presence and a social media presence. Digital publishing can be a great way to get started, enabling you to push relevant information to the correct audience 24×7. There are some simple affordable solutions out there that can help schools and colleges market themselves by taking material they may already have available, in pdf format, and enhancing that material with audio and video files to engage their readers longer. Reach them on their preferred device and let them digest the material in a format that suits them at a suitable time. Let them access it online and offline.

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Reach out through social media channels, you can even publish your material through those channels as a really effective way of getting attention and keeping them on your fan page. Then measure what they are reading, measure which publications and what format is getting the most attention. This gives the marketer tangible evidence to justify that spend to the board of governors at the school/college. With a minimal investment, schools and colleges can greatly improve their efforts at marketing in education without breaking the bank!

By Linda Daly


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