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The Super Bowl, one of the biggest showpieces on the planet took place on the 2nd February last week. There is no two ways about it, this is a the highlight of the American sporting calendar, a fact which was alluded to by the record 111.5 million viewers who watched the game unfold in favor of the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 43-8.

The Super bowl is a marketer’s dream, the set-up of the game itself, interspersed with regular breaks, is the ideal platform in which to showcase advertisements. While TV advertising has taken somewhat of a hit in recent years due to the variety of media devices now available, the Super Bowl is the exception to the rule. It is a well-known fact that while people are sat in front of their TV sets, they are quite often browsing their phone or tablet at the same time. Websites have been reporting spikes in users during times that traditionally would have been strong viewing times for TV.

Again, the Super Bowl is the exception.

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The Super Bowl stands apart in terms of the eyeballs it attracts over a full four hour period, the cost of acquiring an advertisement in this, the golden ticket of marketing, can come in at a cool four million dollars per 30 second advertisement such is its overwhelming popularity. Its popularity has reached such a crescendo that the day the game is played is considered a de facto American national holiday!

We here at 3D Issue are delighted to have been associated with this fantastic event for the last few years. In this time the Super Bowl program has been produced using the 3D Issue software. To view full screen, simply click the middle icon on the left.

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The publication which is available through the official NFL site, encapsulates the best the Super Bowl, and 3D issue has to offer. The Super Bowl which apart from the main event itself, is graced with celebrities and brands across the scale, esteemed brands such as Jaguar, Coca Cola, Chrysler, Microsoft, Hyundai, Audi, Budweiser and Toyota were among those who contributed to this, the holy grail of marketing. Companies are trying all the tricks to ensure their adverts reach as many eyeballs as possible in this vast arena, an elite example of this was when Esurance pledged to give $1.5m to someone who tweeted ‘#EssuranceSave30’ during the game, a nod in the direction of the power of social media within marketing.

It would be folly at this point not to highlight Budweiser’s ‘puppy advert’ which I’m sure tugged at hearts strings across the land!

Celebrities are a common sight during the ‘big game’, famous musicians abound, artists of the stature of Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson (RIP), Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, U2, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones have all graced the half-time show. There are many more artists who are too lengthy to mention here but I think you get the picture. It really is the jewel in the crown in terms of marketing and showcasing. Who can also forget the genius of that Oreo tweet during last year’s power outage? If ever there was an example of thinking on your feet that was it, someone, somewhere got a promotion after that skillful pivot in the face of adversity!

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The Super Bowl’s use of the 3D Issue Software is an indication of the market place in which the world and companies at large now operate, the world is online. Not only is the world online but it is online and mobile, for businesses to maximize their potential, similarly to the Super Bowl publication they have to create their own niche online and ensure their publications are available on any device.


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Would you like to see your publications online like the Super Bowls fantastic effort?

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