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marketing ideasTechnology and communications has come a long way in a short space of time, there has been many mitigating factors in this rapid ascension, none more so than the inception of the internet. The introduction of the internet and its subsequent effect on the world at large has impacted on many facets of our day to day lives; marketing methods are no different in this regard. Strategies and methods within the marketing realm have changed in conjunction with the advancements brought about by the internet. One such change has seen inbound tactics replacing traditional outbound methods, publishing original content for example has been shown to build both your audience and your brand. Everything is changing; with this in mind today we are going to take a look at which marketing methods are current and effective in 2014.

Publishing your own content

We touched upon publishing your own original content in the opening paragraph and for very good reason, by publishing your own original content, content which is relevant to the consumer’s needs, you are building trust and establishing yourself as a go to point of reference, this will not only increase the traffic to your site but will also encourage engagement with the consumer as they will trust your expertise and opinion. You can publish your own premium content through a variety of channels such as blogs, newsletters, videos or case studies.

Mobile content is now a necessity

Mobile is a platform that your business simply has to be a part of, think about it, what is the most common communication implement we always have to hand? What is the first thing we reach for to answer a query or provide information? No prizes for the answer, we all know mobile and tablet growth has been of the supersonic variety in the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down. The younger generation has never experienced life without a smartphone and they are our future, and it should also be an integral part of any marketing strategy you are planning to implement.


Measure which content worked in the past and act upon your findings

A sure fire way to measure how your content is being received is through the use of analytics, by using this invaluable resource you can ascertain what it is that really resonates with the consumer, what it is they spend time reading and digesting? What it is that is the most popular? Once you have these statistics you can concentrate your efforts on the content that resonates the most, are people sharing your content? What gets shared the most? You can also divide your content into the most suitable demographic, what works with younger viewers or older viewers for example. It is wise for companies to monitor and engage regularly with their existing consumers, see what type of content they find interesting and engaging…and what they don’t, then act upon your findings, with a fresh twist of course!

Concentrate on engagement with the consumer through an ever growing array of social media platforms

The sheer numbers involved in social media demands that businesses become involved in marketing their brand within this rapidly expanding sphere. This is a domain that a business can use to promote, sell, establish and consolidate their brand, connections can be made and developed; the limits in this gargantuan arena are often only realized by the brands themselves. As social media has expanded globally, many consumers are using this option as a means to obtain quicker responses to their queries.

Here are a couple of interesting facts courtesy of customermind which further verifies this viewpoint

– 33% of consumers cite social media as a way they discover new brands, products or services.

– 52% of enterprise brands say social media is the top driver for relationships building.

– 79% of marketers have integrated social media into their traditional marketing activities

– 100% of business decision makers use social media for work purposes.

Rich media such as video and audio are now mandatory content material

Rich, dynamic content has transformed the world of online publishing and in turn is having a major influence on marketing techniques and approach, online communication is no longer tied to static pictures and text when it comes to the content that we now view daily, the added value that audio and video bring to our content cannot be understated, they say that a picture can speak a thousand words, well by this theory surely video and audio interaction can only enhance our marketing material and in turn enrich the quality of the end users experience.

It’s clear the advancements in communications whether it is the internet itself or the devices that we use to access it, is having a major effect in the content we consume and in keeping with these changes it is necessary to pivot and change your marketing methods and ideas to stay current in a world where the next change in approach is just around the corner.



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