The Marketing Evolution that Keeps Evolving

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Marketing Evolution The digital revolution has touched, and in many cases changed forever, the age old business practices that have served many generations well, served well that is, until the widespread adoption and acceptance of the gargantuan marketplace we now know as the internet. Quite simply put, the world at large has migrated online, any business in today’s world has to have, and maintain, an online presence in order to flourish and prosper, generally speaking most companies will be experiencing a marketing evolution within their plans and application.

The methods in which we receive and digest content has changed beyond recognition in a relatively short space of time, it is therefore only logical that the methods of delivery and the ways in which businesses now market themselves, also had to change in tandem with the digital revolution that was happening all around them. Company’s today need a valid and well thought out content marketing plan that will enable them to be found by the consumer, to create engagement, to remain relevant.

Traditional methods

Whereas business in the past would have relied on traditional methods, in the main tried and trusted channels such as newspaper, TV and radio, the internet and all it encompasses has changed the rules. Whereas previously we would have been accustomed to standard advertisements supplied through these mediums we now have online branded/sponsored content. In years past we would have received mailshots and catalogs, we now have online flipbooks complete with interactive features that encourage engagement with the consumer like never before.


The World Wide Web combined with the rapid ascent of smartphone and tablet usage has opened doors that previously, would have seemed unthinkable, it is an online resource center which doubles as the world’s marketplace; the online domain is the first port of call for the consumer whether they are seeking information or actively looking to purchase. Brick and mortar stores should comfortably hold their own but the online marketplace offers a vast resource that even the most vast brick and mortar store can never match.

Businesses today are all well aware that in order to continue to grow, indeed for some to survive in the first place, a large part of their approach has to be carried out through online channels. This is after all where this consumer resides; this is where the eyes of the world are trained upon, what chance does your company have if it isn’t where the very lifeblood of every single business, the consumer, will be found?

The channels you can use

Marketing your business in this global marketplace can take many guises, the methods are wide and varied and change or update in what seems an almost daily basis, phrases along the lines of big data, real-time marketing and the “always-on” consumer are becoming the norm. This can seem like a lot to keep abreast of, and if truth be told if you tried to keep up with every single development it would be, but if you have the basics in place, the fundamentals, then the rest can follow.

There are many channels which you as a business can pursue in order to maximize your company’s potential, again the following methods are subject to change as the digital revolution waits for no one but broadly speaking you should be looking at:

Content marketing
Organic traffic
Location-based content marketing
Responsive design
On site engagement
Mobile marketing
Mobile Video
Email newsletters
Social media and interactions
• Native/HTML 5 apps
Promoting yourself on channels such as YouTube
E-catalogs with video

Today’s world is online and not going to change anytime soon, in fact if forecasts and current trends continue and are proven correct there will be even more of a focus on the online domain. It will therefore, be more vital than ever to establish (if you haven’t already), and maintain an online presence. Simply establishing a presence though is not enough, it is something you will have to continually work at, your approach will experience a marketing evolution to remain relevant and on the consumers radar, something that all businesses yearn for and require. Hopefully you will have found something in today’s article or indeed the links within the article to help you do so, if you have anything you would like to add please do so in the comments box below.



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