The Marketing Content Revolution

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Marketing content

Nine out of ten companies are now using market content, the penny has dropped, this approach has proven to resonate with the consumer, the supply of relevant content, content which both informs and entertains has struck a chord with the consumer in a way that traditional marketing could only have hoped to. The success of marketing content and content marketing in particular has driven companies and brands worldwide to alter their traditional advertising approach to embrace this new chapter in business communications because make no mistake, this is what it heralds, a new chapter.

Re-writing the rules

Content marketing content has rewritten the rules of engagement with the consumer, whereas once upon a time an advertisement was considered ample in terms of interesting the consumer and encouraging interaction, these methods, in tandem with the overall rise of digital communications, have quickly become dated and defunct. Today’s companies and brands have positioned themselves as content providers, they now provide information and data which responds to consumer preference rather than dictate what it is they think the consumer wishes to see and hear. Brands now have the advantage of being able to react in real time through social media and online communications creating a strong identity for themselves in the process and also providing a platform that is easily accessed and influenced by the consumer themselves.

This has been further consolidated by brands and companies forays into the world of branded/sponsored content. These are areas of communication that brands have realized can serve them well when employed correctly. Once it became clear that the traditional methods of advertising and communication with the consumer was faltering badly, brands quickly realized that their approach had to change, they had to ask themselves, what would grab our attention and hold it for those ever so vital moments? Perhaps a more pertinent question they were asking themselves was what would encourage repeat interaction and engagement?

The fusion of both of those elements when carried out correctly can form a bond with the consumer, touching them on an emotional level that the traditional advert could never do. This method of advertising is not so much in your face as traditional methods and gently carries the consumer along a path of entertainment, storytelling and engagement while not completely losing sight of their objective which is to create and increase brand awareness whilst encouraging future engagement with consumers.


In-house broadcasting and owned media

Today’s brand are now becoming their own media houses, the rise in house broadcasting has been further strengthened by the fact that large brands are now employing high end journalists to tell their story, because that is what content marketing essentially is, telling a story, while simultaneously holding a high line in editorial integrity. Owned media is a proving itself as a driving force in online communication and marketing methods in the present day, we only have to look at recent offerings by brands of the ilk of Red Bull and The New York Times to see evidence of this before our very eyes.

Brands are now positioning themselves as thought leaders within their field, a point of reference the consumer can trust to source quality, relevant information, information which will offer real and insightful views into particular subjects and areas rather than the traditional approach of peddling their products directly. Marketing content is showing itself as having the ability to mold the very environment within which the business and consumer worlds merge, the providence of quality content has led to branded content firmly establishing itself as the advertising of today, the plethora of options for content consumption along with changing consumers attitudes have propelled this approach to the top of the marketing pile. Brands now know that to firstly gain a consumers attention and then crucially keep it, they have to be the creators of content that is both engaging and entertaining, they are becoming the story tellers of our day, they know this is their best shot of firstly obtaining and possibly more importantly retaining our attention in world which is increasingly being driven by the growing influence of marketing content and the advantages it entails.



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