The Marketing Content Formats You Simply Have to be Using

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marketing content formatsMarketing content has evolved to such an extent that traditional methods, methods long associated with success within the marketing sphere no longer resonates with your audience as it once might have. Today’s consumers is now very skilled at navigating print media and online content to such an degree that magazine advertisements are largely ignored and banner adverts and pop ups on websites suffering a similar fate. The world’s population have; in the main, widespread access to online information and quite often they will have several devices for doing so, the days of presenting your content in one format are over. It is for this very reason that today’s blog will concentrate on the marketing content formats that you, and your business have to be using to stay current in an ever changing technological world.


The rise of eBooks and the eBook evolution in general has been a natural progression in a world where online activity such as the online location and absorption of content is now the norm. The eBook has steadily gained traction within the publishing industry; devices such as the Kindle and a wide range of tablets have greatly advanced their cause, portability and a wide range of advantages within their digital pages have further enhanced their appeal and positioned the eBook evolution as a real force to be reckoned with.

EBooks offer more to the consumer than static words on a page, their advantages, are wide and varied and offer the consumer and publisher alike options which would be impossible with their printed relations. Creating an eBook from start to finish couldn’t be easier, when you take into account that over a quarter of all books sold in the UK and the US are now eBooks then this is a content format which demands inclusion within your plans



The speed with which mobile video content has been adopted by the consumer has surprised even the most optimistic among us. Make no mistake, this is big business, this has all the hallmarks of creating a stir not seen since the inception of the Smartphone itself. The internet is like a sports car which is thirsty for fuel, only the fuel in this respect is content. Content drives the internet, without content, the internet itself, like the sports car, would come to a shuddering halt. Consider then that the fuel the mobile connected arena has been using until now has been ordinary grade fuel and suddenly it has been topped up with Nitrous Oxide. This is the effect that video sharing is now having.

Video enriches any publication within which it resides; in terms of content sharing, video is truly one of the internet’s strengths. A study carried out by E-Marketer in January 2013 found that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cited video as the content with the best ROI as of January 2013. Video is already huge and is on the verge of becoming all encapsulating.

Responsive design

Where do we start with responsive design? It’s an absolute must for your content, when you consider that most people today will be accessing content through their smartphones and tablets it’s an absolutely essential content format in today’s connected device driven society.

Recent statistics have shown that mobile traffic will exceed web traffic within the next couple of years, it is imperative that whatever medium you use for your marketing content, it can be viewed with a mobile phone or whatever device the viewer may be using at that time.

Estimates also state that over 40% of us are reading web content on our phones, so while this would be folly to ignore; it could also be fatal to your business in terms of your market reach compared to that of your competitors. It cannot be stressed enough how important responsive design is to your content.

All of the above marketing content formats are essential facets within your content marketing arsenal but one thing that should never be overlooked; the overriding factor that supersedes all others is the quality of the content itself. Premium quality content combined with the above marketing formats will give you and your business the best chance possible for success.

The consumer now has more choice than ever before in terms of the content they choose to consume, choosing which content you create and the method of delivery for said content is vital to your aspirations of attracting eyeballs to both your content and your business. Make the right choices.



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