6 Tips to Consider When you Make a Brochure

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Make_a_Brochure1. Design: Whether your brochure is to promote an up market hotel, a functional washing machine, or a seasonal look at the latest fashions, you should develop a generic template to work with. It then can be used time and time again by simply inserting the new text and images. This can be done in the design package InDesign, but budding designers use all kinds of softwares, even Microsoft Word!

2. Branding: Design your brochure in line with your company branding, i.e. your website, logo, images, corporate colors, signage, shop front and other marketing materials.

3. Mailing it to a postal list, is a great way to get your brochure in people’s letterboxes. Decide to use a bespoke envelope with printed marketing messages designed to add intrigue on arrival.


4. Create a digital version, it is a great way to get in peoples’ hands, as they can view these on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop computers and laptops. The email open rate tends to be high on mobiles so spreading your brochure via an email campaign will be another marketing distribution methods to incorporate.

5. Advertising: With the technology in eBrochure software your advertisers can be fed back the statistics to say if their advert is reaching the desired target audience. The tracking can let them know the click through rate their advert had from being placed in your digital brochure.

6. Collate your digital brochures and other web content in a hub. A new dynamic way to showcase your content to your audience.

By Audrey Henry


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