Are your Magazines’ Features Correct for your Audience?

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ezine featuresMany publishers have moved at least a part of, if not all of, their operations online. The advantages of online publications are numerous and have been covered in detail in these blogs before. Digital publications have features which can enhance and engage the reader beyond anything we have known in the past. Read more on digital publications features here. The many features available through digital publications can create an entirely unique experience for the reader; these features can of course be availed of through the many devices now available to us, these devices include smartphones and tablets which have proved to be extremely popular amongst consumers with numbers growing year on year. Read more on mobile content here.

What do you want to achieve?

Will your digital publication support an existing print version or will it be a stand-alone product? If your digital magazine is to work in conjunction with your print version what type of data can you gather that will make the readers experience more enjoyable?

Will you base your content for certain segments of your readership around consumer demographic or geographical location? Perhaps you will take advantage of the analytics within your digital publication to work out which articles or content is resonating the most with certain consumers and tailor the content to suit. Read more on utilizing the analytics within your publications here. The more information you have the easier these decisions will become; there is an inherent difference between knowing your audience and actually understanding them and their needs.

Consumer information that can be the most helpful to you in order to achieve your objectives can be broken down into sections, for example;

Basic information – Gender, age, nationality and location can all be considered basic information

Lifestyle – Lifestyle can be defined by socioeconomic status, health, education finance, religion or employment.

Media preferences – What are your consumer’s publications of preference? What newspapers do they read, what radio do they listen to? What portion of their time do they spend online? What devices do they utilize while doing so?

By gathering important data concerned with your consumer’s habits and general makeup, you will enable yourself to provide information and content through your publication that will interest and engage the consumer which is the goal. Gaining further interest from the consumer and thus enhancing the engagement rates you are positioning your publication in the best possible vantage point for interaction and increasing the likelihood of return visits.

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Ways of gathering this influential data can include surveys, questionnaires’, surveys or social media. Whatever method you employ ensure the questions you ask are well designed and thought out, you don’t want leave the consumer with an open ended question which won’t add any value to the statistics you are gathering in order to analyze.

What can you offer the consumer?

Once you have a deep understanding of the consumer and their interests, this can lead you to make informed decisions on the more minute details within your publication. These details could include facets such as color, typefaces and imagery. By understanding your audience on a deep level you will understand the small details that can have a big effect. For example certain colors may have different meanings in different cultures, you can then use this understanding of your audience to then choose the best palette so as not to offend, minor tweaks can make big differences.

The value of analytics

Analytics within your publication is a major player in aiding the development of your understanding of the consumer, simple things like language, location, device used and how they came to find your site can all be invaluable gems of information in understanding your customer and helping you make informed decisions that will benefit both you and your magazine. Also keep in mind that any data you gather is geared towards aiding your consumers to achieve their goals which will in turn boost the popularity, and success of your publication. Read more on utilizing analytics for your publications here.

Would you like to use the undoubted power and potential of analytics within your magazine?

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