Important Features of a Digital Magazine Reader

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magazine readerBefore you start researching your competition or creating and implementing strategies, you need to get familiar with your audience. After all your magazine readers will be the ones to determine the content and appearance of your publication.

The Internet has changed not only the way people consume information but also their habits. The number of choices when it comes to information sources has multiplied over the past few years and most of them are just a click away.

The type of consumer that used to be loyal to just one or two information channels has now been replaced by an avid, demanding and more informed reader that expects to receive the latest information immediately.

Short Attention Span

Thanks to new technologies such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, people’s attention span is the shortest it has ever been.

In fact, multitasking has become very common. How many times do you find yourself watching tv while browsing the internet on your tablet or phone?

It may be easier to reach a wider and international audience today than it was 20 years ago, but at the same time you need to be faster, quicker and smarter if you want to catch the eye of your magazine readers and keep their attention.

Many marketers fail to do so and find themselves in a situation where although they’ve been able to identify their perfect target, they can’t find a way to increase their conversion rate.

This problem is frequently easier to solve than you would think. Choosing the right content platform and trying to create and publish highly specific content could drastically improve your figures.

If your reader is active on YouTube, include videos in your magazines etc. Look for the platform and type of content that engages your audience.

They like sharing

Your magazine readers (and almost everyone nowadays) have online places and communities where they love to hang out.

In those places they share and talk about the things they like and follow, with other people interested in the same topics.

Being present in those environments is important to establish your brand and increase your audience.

The easiest way to gain presence among these communities is by creating content that your target audience wants to read, see or listen to, and that they can’t find anywhere else.

Having an online magazine that includes this information and a URL that your readers can share online will make it easier for you to increase your visibility in the right market.

Fact Checking at its finest

As I’ve mentioned before, magazine readers have accesses to lots of information and therefore are better informed now than they were before, so they tend to be quite demanding.

The online world can be great at helping brands become big, but it can also be damaging. People don’t like being deceived or fooled and the digital world is quite good at keeping record of your “mistakes”. Trust is not easy to gain, but it’s easy to lose.

Before you publish anything make sure you get your facts straight and that your sources are trustworthy.

20 years ago a small mistake in a printed magazine would have meant a small rectification in the following issue and that would have been all. Not many people apart from your readers would have known about it.

Today, the smallest mistake could go viral and could easily hurt your brand. The positive thing, digital magazines can be modified and updated immediately in a few minutes.

Long story short, when you start creating and building your next magazine issue, take into account the shorter attention span, the willingness to share and the predilection for accurate information of your magazine readers, and little by little you’ll see how your figures go up.

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