Decreasing sales for magazine newsstands

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magazine newsstandsThe Audit Bureau of Circulations has confirmed data that indicates a trend that consumer magazine sales from digital newsstands are still on the slippery slope. An article on Media Life Magazine states that ABC reported a 7.6 per cent fall in sales from 2009 – 2010. That’s 35,283,996 editions to 32,719,446 editions in 2010.

The recession hasn’t really helped matters and has left a lasting impression on sales figures, creating tough times for the e publishing and digital media magazine companies. Things seemed to pick in the first half of 2010 when sales appeared to be levelling off. Single sales had risen from a fall of 12.63% to 9.1%, then rising to 5.63%.

Many are of the opinion that digital newsstands will never make an impressive or effective increase or decrease in sales from where they are at now. Others blame the coincidence of the release of the iPad and the strong presence of the magazine apps.

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Although paid subscriptions are the essence of magazine circulation figures were down by 1.15% versus 2.7% during the first six months of 2010. So publishers really need to come up with something new and consuming to get those sales figures out of the rutt they are in today!


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