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Magazine-maker-software1If you have a product or service to market, then you can be a publisher too. It is so simple, we find our clients making so many wide-ranging types of magazines every day. Our customers vary from small to medium businesses to large scale corporations. The beauty of magazine maker software is that it can aid personal projects from catalogs, ebooks, newsletters to larger e-publications. It combines an array of noteworthy features that can be used as suits the project.

There are several personal benefits for you to use a magazine maker software:
1. Publishers are popping up every day, if you have a PDF of your magazine you can simply put through the software, add interactive features and in minutes you will have a viable link to share to your publication.

2. Work at your own time. You no longer need an IT team to help publish an online magazine. The software can be uploaded to your PC, MAC or laptop. So you have the freedom to work at your pace, meeting deadlines now can be achieved easily.
3. Produce monthly, weekly or even daily magazines…. As long as you have the PDF content you can produce as many publications as you like. See pricing options here for a lifetime install of magazine maker software.

4. With the software you can make eBooks also, for this you can add Word documents or PDF or manually add the content to produce your eBook.
5. You can now create back issues and publish them to an app, so your magazine archive can be accessed easily.
6. You can enable reader login if you want your readers to subscribe or login to read. You put put a payment plan in place.
7. Please see a full list of samples and features here that come with software and remember we have a full video tutorial section to show you how to enable each feature.

By Audrey Henry


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