Publishing an Online Magazine: HTML5 versus Flash?

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Magazine-HTML5The question asked is HTML5 verses Flash when publishing a digital magazine? The response is a harmonious one – we say “create both simultaneously”.

Whilst flash is fazing out across mobile devices; flash plug-ins are still ever-present across the worlds browsers, hence flash provides a solution for compatibility. Many of the world’s leading sites still require Flash.

The lack of support for flash on certain devices; namely Apple marked the end for flash in some respects. So HTML5 became the perfect solution. HTML5 is responsive, provides a less resource hungry environment and provides a host of solutions. HTML5 can handle audio and video, no longer do we have to rely upon third party plugins in order to render these elements.

iOS mobile technology does not allow for web plugins, say for instance Flash player. HTML5 offers a single code base and provides cross platform interoperability. Wiki states that: Interoperability is the ability of making systems and organizations work together (inter-operate). This means that you can produce the same content you can view in a browser on your PC or Mac and also have the same content in a mobile based device such as an Apple Device (including iPads and iPhones) and Android devices (including Android tablets and smart phones).


The good news is 3D Issue software supports both Flash and HTML5 platforms. When a reader reads a publication created from a PDF with the 3D Issue software, they can view it on a PC or Mac in Flash whilst on mobile devices, readers will see the HTML5 version. Everybody wins, right!

HTML5 adoption has taken hold, is the future of digital publishing and is projected to be the industry standard platform used by publishers.

You can check out 3D Issue samples to see the full effect of the HTML5 technology at work in the digital publications.

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By Audrey Henry


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