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With the dramatic increase in usage of tablet and mobile devices which we documented recently in this blog post, and the associated rise of content consumption via these devices, we ask the question what percentage of magazine publishers have made their publications available via either a custom app developed for their clients brand or on an app made available via the publishing platform used?

As an avid smartphone user, when browsing the web from my mobile device I will spend the majority of  time automatically navigating to whatever applications I have previously downloaded. I then consume content from this location online or offline – whether it be news, entertainment updates or my favorite magazine which I have subscribed to and can access  from here, it’s just easier.

Although global revenue from app stores is expected to rise 62% this year to $25 billion, according to Gartner Inc, competition and the ability of newcomers to gain exposure in the market has increased extraordinarily also.

However, the case of magazine publishing to mobile app presents a different scenario. Magazine accessibility via mobile app is an additional revenue stream on an existing brand, an additional way to access the same publication alongside print, or online accessibility. Could one assume that magazine brands who develop apps are not newcomers to the publishing app marketplace at all, but rather are providing an additional channel of accessibility to existing subscribers which could also influence the subscribe rate to their existing magazines?

With the launch of 3D Issue version 6 in December 2012, the software was updated to allow magazine publishers to create magazines that could be accessed via the 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App on the iTunes AppStore and on Google Play. Due to feedback from our customers, we enhanced this feature in version 6.1 which was released in May 2013  to include user logins.  So now if the reader downloads the android/iOS 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App and if user log is enabled, the reader would need to log in to access the publication, which could be provided to them upon subscribing to the publication.

Due to the rise in requests for custom branded apps from our customers, we  now  develop these on a case by case basis also, meaning readers do not need to download the 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App, but can download the “Brand X” magazine app, and access publications from here either.

Trends in magazine consumption and the evolving needs of magazine publishing is a key ingredient to the development process here at 3D Issue, so we would love to get your views on this by completing the poll below which asks the question:

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You can access the results of the poll so far upon submitting your vote. Please feel free to leave comments below, image is thanks to nice folks here.

By Joanna Brien.


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