Magazine Apps slow down – What’s the cause?

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Magazine Apps

A study carried out by MPA (Association of Magazine Media ) has released data signifying a slow down in magazine created iPad Apps from January to February 2011 reports Folio.

The decline is evident from the data bar chart which was published by Mc Pheters and Company. (right)

The data shows that between November and December last year, iPad magazine apps increased from 248 to 292 . That’s 44 new apps added during this period. Then the decline seems to have started with December 2010 to January this year seeing an addition of 42 new apps, then between and January to February this year just 17 new apps.

So what has caused this decline? Some are putting this down to holiday time. However looking deeper, could this decline be down to the initial hype subsiding around iPad apps? In the early days publishers were keen to launch new apps as quickly as they could to take advantage of this new and exciting market – in recent times have they been put off by declining sales figures?

One thing is for sure though, with the recent announcement of the iPad 2 launch yesterday, publishers will be keen to take advantage of the developments that will cause more hype around the new device which is to be launched on 11 March 2011.

As the figures and statistics continue to roll in it’s exciting to see how new technology and developments will influence the creation and take up of how people consume news and content.

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