Mac OSX Lion to Boot in Seconds – Browser mode

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Mac OSX Lion In Apple news it has recently emerged that the upcoming release of Mac OS X ‘Lion’ will feature a “Restart in Safari mode”, so that the Mac can boot in seconds to the web for a quick check of e-mail or Facebook or of course to read a digital publication.

The story broke on Mac Rumors yesterday and it is being said that this is no way an effort to show the Google Chromebooks recently announced as being a threat (more on that below)

In fairness it actually does take a key feature which Google and Samsung/Asus were so excited about and turns it right on its head – Quick boot up? No biggie to Apple “We can do that easy!”.

Also when the price of Google’s latest offering with Samsung that run the Cloud based Google OS are taken into consideration it makes them look really expensive, consider the options a $500 Google OS web based machine only or a $1000 MacBook Air? That boots real fast and can do normal computing, its a no brainer surely?

Apple contend that the reason for this is of course not to show off (is it ever?) it is to force would be thieves on-to the web so that the find my Mac can log-onto the computer and locate the stolen Mac.

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