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Mac OS X Mountain LionApple are soon to release a major update to MAC OS with the release of Mac OS Mountain Lion. Building on what now must be declared as a success iCloud is to be heavily integrated into the OS with new additions including:

Reminders – in an App style structure providing synchronized reminders on all your iOS devices.

Notes – the same look and feel as the iPad variant Notes will allow for simple yet not too basic note taking in a synced environment.

Game Center – surprising but perhaps not considering the hack that iOS had made into the mobile game arena Game Center will bring on-line gaming to one neat interface.

Messages – combining iMessages and iChat to one application.

Other new features will be deeper integration with Twitter and AirPlay mirroring.

There is a beta version of Messages available from via Apple directly here.

And to read more check out this page from Apple Mountain Lion is expected to land this summer.

For a full family tree of Apple OS from the Lisa all the way to the present you may like to visit this Wiki.

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