6 Top Lead Generation Tools for Online Marketing

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Lead-Generation-ToolsLet’s discuss some powerful lead generation tools in the digital marketplace of late and why there are the preferred choice of online marketers. Marketers used to love being able to get inside people’s homes in the form of a television or magazine advert.

Nowadays the dream to get people’s attention has switched to a mobile perspective. With the uptake in smartphone devices and the rate at which people are checking their inboxes from their phones the access marketers have is phenomenal. I have generated the list of tools with this in mind:

1. Mail Chimp: Set up auto responder emails so all your prospects get a quick reply to your emails. Then follow up as soon as possible with a personal reply. You can set up email campaigns that you design around special offers and strategies you have in place. These emails can incorporate images, font styles and colors that suite your corporate promotion.

2. Hootsuite: Set up your social sites in Hootsuite; there you can schedule posts and tweets for future dates, out of hours times, holidays and bank holidays. Being active on social sites will prompt people to contact you through these channels. Use hashtags and keywords relating to your sales stock.

3. 3D Issue Hubs: Aggregate your online content in a Hub. Centralize all your content for ease of sharing and distribution via all devices. Generate leads based on the dynamic content you share. See an example here of a Hub for Pearson University.


4. Digital publishing software: Create digital publications showcasing all the information and content you have created on your merchandise, include links to your website and links to email you for a personal response. You can host these on your website, share socially, or via email.

5. Social sites and forums: Join Linked In and other forums that suit your industry. Participate in discussions where you can share tips and useful hints for like minded individuals. Some will see you as an expert you will build a following and people will contact you for more information on your product or service.

6. Capture email addresses on your responsive website: Have a contact form where people can leave their email address and name in exchange for a monthly newsletter, or free resource. Create an incentive out of content you have that will further benefit them by sharing useful, unique information. Read this blog on content marketing basics for some detailed help on this for your website.  

By Audrey Henry


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