The Definitive List of Lead Generation Ideas

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Lead-Generation-IdeasWe need to generate leads in order to make more sales right? It can be a tad overwhelming as there are countless differing ideas out there on the best methods of doing this. In today’s blog we will provide you with a stripped down, definitive list of what you absolutely need to do.

1. Market research. Know what your target market wants to buy. Create a campaign around keywords that suit your product or service. Fill a gap in the market with your produce.

2. Set up a website. Write a regular blog. Create useful content such as a dynamic newsletter or digital guidebook have a contact form there where people can submit their email address in exchange for such content. There are software tools on available online to help you to showcase the content you create. You can also add video and audio to digital magazine you produce to further entice possible leads.

3. Set up an auto responder email, so new prospects will receive a speedy response. Acting quickly on a lead is really important so remember to follow up in person, by telephone or email as swiftly as you can.


4. Advertise in local newspapers. More importantly advertise online through Google Adwords and social sites such as Facebook, where you can pay to promote your business profile through your business page or your posts. Online advertisers allow you to target people based on their location, interests and social profiles, so your ads will be seen by the right people.

5. Be present at trade shows and events. Have a stand where you can showcase your business off to potential clients. Have information leaflets or USB sticks ready to hand out with your content on them. Collect email addresses on the day and follow up with all the people you meet later.

6. Give talks: Guest lecture, or speak for groups of interest to you. Building a presence this way can help you build relationships. At the talk you can announce a twitter chat after where people can ask you further questions, this is a clever way to keep the conversation going and also make new leads.

By Audrey Henry


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