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Digital Publishing NewsIt’s that time again! Once a month we release our digital publishing newsletter. This aims to keep you up to date with the latest tips, trends and goings on in the world of digital magazines and marketing.

Highlights this month:
– 3D Issue magazines fully compatible with the New iPad
– Why sometimes not using Apple Newsstand can be a good idea
– 8 ‘to-do’ tasks after completing your digital magazine
– 10 Digital Magazine Customization Elements
– What does 3D Issue do for my SERPS?

View the newsletter:
We have used the 3D Issue software to create our own newsletter, and have this available in two formats depending on your device.

Desktop users
View the browser viewable digital magazine via this link.

Top tip: Create your own digital newsletter from your blog! You too can create one of these browser based or/and .epub versions. Check out the tutorials here:

PDF to iBooks: part 1 of How to publish your content to iBooks
Blog and RSS to iBooks: Part 2 of How to publish your content to iBooks

create e-books from pdfs


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