Kindle ebooks become Amazons most popular format.

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Kindle ebooks

The Amazon Kindle; the portable e reader that debuted onto the market on 19th November 2010 for $399 USD was so anticipated that it took only three and a half hours for it to sell out upon release. In December 2010 we at 3D Issue wrote a blog based on digital newspaper and magazines available on the Kindle. Today we are taking a look at traditional book sales in Amazon versus its very own Kindle e reader books.

In July 2010 it was reported that hardcover books were left behind as Amazon’s Kindle eReader books took leading position revenue wise. And the Kindle is now doing itself proud against the traditional paperback sales, selling 115 Kindle books for every 100 paperbacks.

In 2010 Amazon sold more than 3 times the number of Kindle eBooks than traditional paperback editions. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated at a shareholders meeting in January 2010 that “millions of people own a Kindle.”

So why are these eReaders so popular? Firstly the Kindle store contains over 810,000 book titles. Secondly 670,000 of these titles cost less than $10 and to top it all off 107 of these are New York Times best sellers. All are attractive incentives for readers to veer towards the portable eReader publications.

Amazon is renowned for promoting digital publications and as a result of this it has had its first ever $10 billion quarter. Jeff Bezos predicted this would happen in the second quarter of the year, so it looks like they are surpassing their own targets. You have to hand it to Kindle!

So what does  2011 have in store for the eReader?


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