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digital edition success“How will I know if my digital publication is a success?” This was a question posed to me by a new user of our digital magazine software yesterday. It’s vital that any marketer or publisher creating digital (or printed for that matter) publications can track the success and performance, not only can this information then be used to determined ROI for marketing campaigns but also it can identify any hidden warning signs.

So is your digital publication a success? and first how do you know if it is or is not?

1) Know what success looks like
It is important to identify and set targets, without having a target you can’t begin to identify how successful a publication or campaign was. Success may look different to different publications; for example if the end goal is to attract new subscribers then success would be measured by the number of new readers. If however it is a promotion that includes a ‘share to win’ type promo then the total number of readers may be a more accurate measure. So identify what success looks like for you and set targets.

2) Add the tracking ID
To ensure you are able to track reader numbers, stats and analysis ensure that you add your Google Analytics tracking ID into the 3D Issue software. More information about how to insert the tracking number and what information can then be discovered from reader statistics can be found here.

3) Check for hidden problems
Although there are a stack of statistics that can be extracted from Google Analytics there are a few key figures that can highlight potential problems. For example if you notice that your Bounce Rate is particularly high one month then perhaps consider checking the elements of the front cover (are the key articles highlighted and engaging?). Also check that the speed versus quality of the publication is at a good balance – people don’t like waiting for a publication to load so perhaps you could reduce the quality to enhance the speed or enable the load control if it’s a large publication.

If you have a high proportion of new users then consider using the ‘intro area’ space to include introduction instructions of how to use the digital magazine.

4) Think more than the number of hits
Just because your publication has had a record number of hits may not necessarily mean that the publication was the best yet. Is it quality or quantity of readers you are looking for? Check other stats such as how long the average person spent reading the publication, how many shares and likes were received and how many referrals the publication sent to your advertisers.

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