Is Tesco Magazine really the most read publication?

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the most read publicationIt has emerged that the most read printed publication in the UK is Tesco magazine. The supermarket magazine had a readership of 7.2 million over the last year just edging The Sun with 7.1 readers over the same period the National Readership Survey (NRS) has reported.

The last year to September saw Tesco magazine increase readers by 8%, a growth that took the publication to the top spot.

Delving a bit further into this claim, it seems that there may be more to take into account, as The Guardian points out:

“The Tesco mag is published every two months while The Sun is published every day, with the paper therefore reaching a larger audience overall. It also enjoys greater reader engagement. People spend an average 29 minutes reading The Sun and spend 16 minutes reading the supermarket mag. “

It is also worth noting that the Tesco magazine is a free publication distributed across 800 Tesco stores across the UK, so could well attract people to pick up a copy which may not convert into a ‘reader’.

Paidcontent also highlights “The average figures also ignore Sun On Sunday‘s 6.05 million readers, which, when combined with weekday readership, still gives The Sun a continuing lead.”

most read publication

This being said, it is worth noting the battle that seems to be developing amongst supermarket magazines. Tesco is certainly not the only one taking advantage of the opportunity to get branded content into the hands of their shoppers. The NRS study found that Asda magazine was not far behind Tesco with 6 million readers, Sainsbury’s stands at 3.4 million and Your M&S 3.7 million.

What is clear is this sector is among many that are looking towards content to educate their customers, enhance their brands and engage with their audience. With the grocery sector one of the most relied upon and visited by the consumer they are certainly well positioned to distribute to a large and growing audience.

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