iPhone 6 or iPad for Reading and Viewing Content?

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iPhone-6-or-iPad-for-ReadingIn today’s blog, I will address the topic of reading on iPhone 6 or iPad, discuss which is the most popular and why is it important for digital marketers to be aware of their audience’s reading habits and on which devices they are browsing content on.

With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus there was much speculation around these devices because of their larger screen size would accommodate more reading time and in turn less readers would turn to their iPads to fulfil reading and viewing habits. Stats from Pocket new reveal this undeniably has proved to be the case.

The study found that iPhone 6 Plus users that also owned an iPad, took to their large screen smartphones for reading, spending 80 percent of their time on their iPhone, and only 20 percent on their iPad.

People consumed a titanic 65 percent more content on their new iPhone 6’s than from their previous phone the iPhone5. On the iPhone 6 there was a 33 percent rise in those that opened content and more likely to consume more content as a whole because of the device. Figures proved that users from the study preferred their smartphone over their iPads and tablets for viewing and reading content.


Could big-screen smartphones and iPhones have the ability to overtake or even wipe out the iPad and tablet device? It certainly looks possible, but only time will tell.

While these figures may seem alarming to some it is worth noting people’s habits and ensuring the content you create has mobile benefits. Ask yourself: Is your content responsive? Have you created an iOS and android app? Would you like to curate content in the form of a Hub that can be easily browsed on all devices? All these are basic tasks that mobile marketers are striving to do in this current digital landscape.

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By Audrey Henry


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