iPhone 5 to land in September

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iPhone 5 Reports at 9to5 Mac today have stated that the newest release from Apple in its Smartphone range is to be released in September, the manufacturers based in China who produce the devices for Apple are said to have received an order for 400,000 devices.

These reports originated in the China Times which has been accurate in the past when it comes to this side of Apple’s business. The whole story also originated based on a sighting in San Francisco, and the matching up of the blurry picture with a case….all a bit dubious really.

The new phone is to sport a new micro-micro SIM card (why the need to change all the time…?) and to be bigger in the screen department too.

Apple are still leading the way in terms of units shipped but Android are forging ahead in operating system shipments, whilst the Android marketplace is leaving some feeling a tad left out.

iPad 3 is also rumoured to be arriving later than iPhone 5 sometime after Thanksgiving this year.

The new iPhone will have NFC capabilities for wireless payment options and a slimmer design, so following the lead from the Samsung Galaxy 2 recently released in the US, 6 Million of that device have already been sold in Europe and other markets but it has been said that the Sammy is not built to the same quality as the iPhone 4.

Here is a link to the origianl story on 9to5mac.com.

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