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digital The Canadian Company RIM (Research in Motion) Tablet called the ‘Playbook’ which launched in April of this year to a bit of a fanfare was reported today on Mac Rumours to be a possible withdrawal.

The key concept of the Playbook was that it ran flash whereas the iPad does not which in reality has not seemed to help.

Add to this the fact that the Playbook did not natively run BlackBerry mail which was due to a server issue with RIM, they never anticipated that someone would need to access their e-mail on two Blackberry devices so the playbook had a tough time looking at both at the same time.

So in effect the one thing which Blackberry did better than them all held them back in the end, BlackBerry have servers in all the countries which they offer their devices hence making their service technically more reliable than that of other smart phones and more secure, Apple iPhones e.g. pull data down off the data network in the same way for Apps as it does for Mail, the Blackberry does not.

The difference here is that when BlackBerry launched it was a business device and the only people who really care about the reliability and security offered by the device are business users, the average iPhone user does not, basically e-mail on the move is a prerequisite for all now and RIM failed to move with the time here which is hurting them now.

This story was originally reported here. This is a poor indicator for the market as more tablets are good for the market not bad, we do not want to see a space which is wholly dominated by one device as competition is good for all, that being said if other devices are as short lived as this one we may be in for a tough time finding a true competitor.

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